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BUILT HERITAGE  - Towns and Villages - Maam Cross

Maam Cross (An Teach Dóite) as befits its name is a crossroads. It straddles the N59 which stretches from Galway to Clifden and the R336 which goes from Maam (Maum) to Screebe and south Connemara. It was a station on the Galway-Clifden railway line (1895-1935). The name Teach Dóite is reputed to come from the Bogman’s Ball where steaks are cooked on shovels and fire is often the result.

Maam Cross has been known as a trading post for livestock and goods for hundreds of years. It is the location of a monthly fair and the October horse fair which still exists today. A mart was built there in the 1990s but it ceased trading in 2007. The mart was relaunched by Eoin Burke of Burke’s in Clonbur and now trades successfully. Weekly sheep sales are held at 11 a.m. every Saturday morning with cattle sales on Monday evenings at 5 p.m.

Peacock’s Hotel and Craft Shhop

The most important building in Maam Cross is Peacock’s Hotel. The original building was demolished in 1999 to make way for a new 28 bedroom hotel. The new hotel was opened by Bertie Ahern in May 2000. At that time it was owned by Keoghs of Oughterard. It was planned to build another 52 rooms on the opposite side of the road, both complexes to be linked by an underground tunnel. However, this never happened and the recession forced the hotel to cease trading. After periods in receivership, it has recently been purchased by Burke’s of Clonbur who also own the adjacent mart and is now trading successfully.