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Lyrics of the song Anach Cuan

Song on You Tube sung by Dolly Mac Mahon

If my health is spared I'll be long relating,
Of the boat that sailed out from Anach Cuan,
And the keening after of mother and father,
Woman and child by the harbor, the mournful croon;

Oh King of Graces, who died to save us,
It was a small affair for but one or two,
But a boat-load bravely on a calm day sailing,
Without storm or rain to be swept to doom.

What wild despair was on all the faces
To see them there in the light of day
In every place there was lamentation
And tearing of hair as the wreck was shared;

And boys there lying when crops were ripening
From the strength of life, they were borne to clay
In their wedding clothes for their wake they robed them
Oh King of Glory, man's hope is vain.

May burning mountains come tumbling down,
On that place of drowning may curses fall,
For many's the soul it has filled with mourning,
And left without hope of a bright day's dawn.

The cause of their fate was no fault of sailing,
It was the boat that failed them the 'Caisleán Nua,'
And left me to make with a heart that's breaking,
This lamentation for Anach Cuan.

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