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This is a list of famous people who were linked to Cong. To find out more detail about these personalities see relevant links.

Sir William Wilde - author of Wilde's Loch Corrib.

George MacNamara who was born in 1690 in Co. Clare, acquired land in Cong and was known as a "Robin Hood of the Irish who risked his life and his all on many occasions to ease the burden of the poor  and friend of the oppressed peasantry" (ITATGS, 1945) in the 1700's and "whenever an account came of eviction or other ill-treatment he was off immediately to raid and rob the wrongdoer or some other more convenient malefactor - distributing the spoil equitably amongst the deserving" (ITATGS, 1945). He is buried in the church of the ruined Abbey of Cong. Read more about this legendary character from an account recorded by the Irish Tourist Association Topographical and General Survey in 1945 by clicking here. Read more about his assets and estate from the NUI, Galway Estates database by clicking here. See the section on Books and Publications below for more.

General George Blake (from Cross)

Lord Abbott Prendergast

C.D.D. MacLagan (born in Scotland; son of Archbishop of York who placed the crown on the head of Queen Mary; popular figure in the area who once operated a B&B which closed during troubles; he took up long-term residence with Ryan's Hotel in Cong (source: ITATGS 1945).

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