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Ashford Castle

As part of the Irish Tourist Association Survey, a man named Conor O'Brien surveyed the Neale and the Cong areas. This information was collected in 1945. Mayo County Library's website has included his documents under the section 'Local Studies'. Click here to view the account of Ashford Castle which has been edited by Michael J. Hynes.

Click here to access the reports on all the Mayo parishes.

Famous People in Cong

Click here to view details of famous personalities of Cong and the Neale

Alexander Nimmo

Kenny, Tom. 2009. Alexander Nimmo and His Legacy. The Galway Advertiser, June 4, 2009.

Cong Canal

Varley, Luke. Christmas 1997. The Dry Canal. Cúnga. Pg 26.

Lough Corrib and its Islands

Brady, Zara. Rabbit Island. Date unknown. This interesting article paints a picture of the author's trips to Rabbit Island and of her memories of Mrs Catherine Lennon who lived there.

Brady, Zara Ramblings on the Corrib, souviner of the IWAI 2012 summer rally.

Hynes, M.J. Inchagoill Island. This one-page summary gives a good account of the current state of the island and of the origin of its name.

O’Cinneide, Seán, Inchagoill article in Feasta

Mannion, Joseph, Vestiges of Celtic mythology in the placenames of Lough Corrib and its hinterlands (with permission of Journal of the Galway Archaeological Society)

Hynes, M.J, The lure of the Corrib Ap[ril 1978, Irish Boats and Yachting, Boat Show Special

Coulter, Henry, West of Ireland - its Existing Condition, and Prospects. This contains only Chapters X, XI and XII relevant to the Corrib.

Príomh Oileáin Loch Coirib, Compiled by Maitias O hEidhin

Cunnane, Jarlath, A journal into the interior. An account of a canoe trip by the author up Loughs Corrib, Mask and Carra.

Galway Advertiser 24th June 1993, Fascinating History of Ireland’s Waterways, review of Ruth Delaney’s “Ireland’s Inland Waterways”

Collins, Aoife, The History of Corrib Lodge Maam,  Alexander Nimmo's Place of Residence (reproduction of document hanging on Keane's Pub wall)

Tony Whilde, Corrib Country Ecotour

Hynes, Michael J, Inportance of Lough Corrib in the early 1900s

Hynes, Michael J, Importance of Lough Corrib in th eearly 1900s Presentation

Click here to go to the website of the Inland Waterways Association of Ireland, Corrib Branch.

Fauna - looking for a good article

Zebra Mussels

Higgins, T., Grennan, J. & Mc Carthy, K. 2008. Effects of Recent Zebra Mussel Invasion on Water Chemistry and Phytoplankton Production in a Small Irish Lake. Aquatic Invasions Volume 3 Issue 1: 14-20. link missing