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Ashford Castle

The majestic Ashford Castle was built in the 18th century in a stunning location in Cong Co. Mayo. It is currently used as a hotel and has had an interesting history which can be viewed on its official website. See ‘relevant links’ for images and a summary of the important historical facts relating to the castle.

A document was also prepared by Conor O'Brien for the same survey on Ashford Castle (and which may be viewed on the Mayo County Library website). An edited version of this document (by Michael J. Hynes) and which includes up-to-date photographs may be read by going to ‘relevant links’. This document provides an interesting insight into the people who once lived there and of the original name (Ceapach na Corcóg) which translates into 'bed or plot of the beehives' due possibly to the fact that Monks used to reside at Cong Abbey.

Ashford Castle was originally constructed as a shooting lodge by the Oranmore and Browne family and it underwent extensions by Lord Ardilaun, a man who 'never won the hearts of his tenants and poorer neighbours' (Irish Tourist Association Topographical and Geographical Survey, 1945).

Cong Castle

No traces remain of Cong Castle although according to the Irish Tourist Association surveys nor is there any certainty over the original site. However, the survey mentions that a townland called Toneacashlaun close to the Abbey is thought to contain the foundations of this ancient castle (see ‘relevant links’).

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