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Lough Corrib is one of the best game fisheries in the world and in my youth was termsd ‘the Mecca of lake fishermen’. It is particularly renowned as a brown trout fishery, however it has vast stock of salmon, pike and other coarse fish such as perch and roach. It is a vast lake of 42,000 acres and stretches some thirty five miles from Galway City to Maam Bridge in the Joyce Country. The season for brown trout on Lough Corrib opens on February 15th and closes on the 30th September. While trout fishing is free, a licence is required to fish for salmon. trout are usually caught on fly from the very first day of the season.

A variety of angling techniques are used in cluding fly fishing, trolling and of course dapping during the mayfly and daddy-long-legs seasons.

Bag Limit

There is a bag limit of 4 trout per angler per day.

This bag limit may only include one (1) trout over 4.54kg (10lbs) per day.

Size Limit

Anglers may only retain trout over 33 cm (13 inches) in length measured from the snout to the fork of the tail. All trout under this size must be released.

Inland Fisheries Ireland

Inland Fisheries Ireland (IFI) is the state agency responsible for the protection, management and conservation of Ireland's inland fisheries and sea angling resources. IFI was formed on July 1, 2010 following the amalgamation of the Central Fisheries Board and the seven Regional Fisheries Boards into a single agency. Ireland has over 74,000 kilometres of rivers and streams and 128,000 hectares of lakes all of which fall under the jurisdiction of IFI


www.anglingcharts.com  provide electronic charts of Lough Corrib suitable for a variety of devices including PC, iPad and Android. The charts are also produced as a convenient chartbook using high-quality paper. The site has a wealth of information about the Corrib and includes details of slips and piers. Navigation on the Corrib has recently been updated to the IALA international buoyage system with the result that navigation is now much less hazrdous.

Bays in Lough Corrib

The County Galway Guide has a detailed account of most of the access point and places to fish on Lough Corrib.

Boat hire

For details of boat hire on the Corrib, click here.

Images of Fishing on the Corrib

To see a fabulous collection of images of Corrib fish, click here.

Barony - The Liberties of Galway.

This is a facinating description of Galway and Lough Corrib arising from a survey carried out by a W.C. Kenny on hehalf of the Irish Tourist Association and is dated 26th June 1943. From the anglers point of view, it has a descriptions of the Galway Fisheries (sea and lake) and many of the bays in Lough Corrib.


Address: Inland Fisheries Ireland, Weir Lodge, Earl's Island, Galway.

Telephone:   +353 (0)91 563118

E-mail: galway@fisheriesireland.ie