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Looking up the Béalanabrac River at Maam Bridge.

Connecting you to Lough Corrib’s Heritage

One of Ireland's Great Western Lakes, Lough Corrib is a much loved and respected resource for the inhabitants of its hinterland and for visitors alike. It offers a unique opportunity for meaningful engagement with heritage going back hundreds of years.

Corrib Connect was initiated to identify, conserve, promote and protect the lake's invaluable built, natural and cultural heritage for the enjoyment of this and future generations. This will be achieved by creating awareness through providing information and links to heritage objects and sites on and around the Corrib. We hope that this will foster an appreciation of Corrib heritage and assist communities in fully appreciating the rich heritage of the lake. The lake was a key element in transport of people and goods for hundreds of years and as a result of this was intimately linked with prosperity and lifestyle.

Lough Corrib is of vital importance for:

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 Corrib Connect is a newly-established heritage working group dedicated to disseminating valuable information about Lough Corrib’s built, natural and cultural heritage.

The function of this website is as a repository of information for people who may wish to learn more about Lough Corrib and its hinterland.

About Corrib Connect

It is envisaged that this website will act as a medium for exchanging information on Lough Corrib from the past and the present and which may serve as a gift for future generations”


While every best effort has been made to ensure that all information contained in this website is correct, we do not accept any responsibility…….

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